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I am developing a web app with the mCustomScrollbar plugin, and everything works fine everywhere, except on IE 11 Surface (Windows 8.1). I am not posting the code since I think is not relevant because it works fine everywhere else and I think the problem lies on IE 11. I have infact also tested the official demo and found the same problem there with Surface. So far I have found nothing helpful googling around. I have also noticed that the javascript "swipe" events are not fired at all. For them I use the code:

$('#myDivId').on('swipe', function(event){

This can be tested on the corresponding 'try it' page of w3schools.com. Does anyone have any idea how to fix/workaround it? By the way, I have seen instead that on the Microsoft azure management portal web app the scrolling works even on Surface (it's all Microsoft stuff, it had better work... :D), does anybody know what technology they have used or what can be used for scrolling? The point is I would also need events like 'onScrolledToBottom' which the excellent mCustomScrollbar plugin has. I wouldn't like to use the standard browser scrolling, but if there is no better solution I may do so in the end.

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