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I need to include the word "Table" at the beginning of each line in my List of Tables. That is, instead of:

 1   The first table   ........... 10
 2   The second table  ........... 20

I need it to say:

 Table 1   The first table   ........... 10
 Table 2   The second table  ........... 20

Yes, I know that's ugly, but those are the rules.

I also need the Table of contents to say:

  Table of Contents
 1  The first Chapter             ...... 1


 Appendix A  The A appendix     ........  10

Any idea how to do this in a simple and consistent manner?

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To answer your three questions:

  1. Table prefix in list of tables, put the following in your preamble:





    \renewcommand\cfttabpresnum{Table }

  2. To have "Appendices" appear in your table of contents, put the following just after your call to \appendix:


  3. To have "Appendix" as a prefix for each appendix in the table of contents, see:

http://for.mat.bham.ac.uk/pgweb/thesisfiles/bhamthesisman.pdf http://for.mat.bham.ac.uk/pgweb/thesisfiles/bhamthesis.dtx

in particular, search for his \renewcommand{\appendix} in which addtocontents is changed.

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