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Instead of making objects spawn at random range on the Y-axis like this:

float y = Random.Range(1.723573f, 5.586497f);

How would I make objects spawn at 2 fixed locations on the Y-axis?

thank you

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Not sure what are you trying to achieve... You cannot simply choose 2 value for the y axis? –  Alberto Feb 12 at 14:36
im trying to choose 2 static values for the Y axis instead of just 1 like float y = (1.723573f); but add an additional value –  iOSecure Feb 12 at 14:39

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assuming you mean you want to spawn it either at one, or the other, then try this:

float y = Random.Range(0,100) > 50 ? 1.723573f : 5.586497f;

basically, there's a 50% chance of either the first value, or the second. You could alternatively type it out like this:

float y;

if(Random.Range(0,100) > 50)
   y = 1.723573f;
else y = 5.586497f;
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thank you, that worked perfectly –  iOSecure Feb 12 at 14:47

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