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I use wamp in my windows system and I download a cms about online shoping!when I install it,it displays many "Strict standards".but when I use other enveriment eg xampp,it display no errors and the install can run exactly!is this the WAMP config error,this confuses me very much! the "Strict standards" that wamp displays like the following:

Strict standards: Non-static method ECMall::startup() should not be called statically in D:\wamp\www\ecmall1\install\index.php on line 18

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in D:\wamp\www\ecmall1\eccore\controller\app.base.php on line 141
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The reason you are getting these errors is that you are running old PHP code on a up to date version of PHP.

You can turn these error messages off completely by editng the php.ini file

left click wampmanager -> PHP -> php.ini

display_errors = On 
display_errors = Off

Or just stop the strict errors being reported

left click wampmanager -> PHP -> php.ini

error_reporting = E_ALL
error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT
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I try this and it wokrs!but when I use error_reporting() function in my PHP script,it doesn't work,it confuse me so much! –  ChainWay Feb 13 at 2:53
What are you doing with error_reporting(), remember that will override what you set in the php.ini file. –  RiggsFolly Feb 13 at 9:27
I use error_reporting(0) –  ChainWay Feb 13 at 13:46

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