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In our Delphi app we automate MS Excel 2007 to generate and save a xls/xlsx file. How should we go about choosing a file format and extension for the generated file?

Hardcoding some values (e.g. xlOpenXMLWorkbook and .xlsx) doesn't work if the user has an older version of Excel installed. Not specifying a format probably works for older versions too (we're checking this right now) but leaves the question what the correct extension is. E.g. using .xls under Excel 2007 results in a XLSX file with wrong extension which leads to complaints when you open it in Excel.

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It should work to save as .xls from 2007.

See this link: http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s5/win001.htm

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omit extension AND format:

activeworkbook.SaveAs "fred"

will save the file as the appropriate type, and supply the extension too. The file will be fred.xlsx in 2007+ and fred.xls in previous versions.

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Sounds reasonable. Unfortunately this collides with the current workflow in our app: The user first chooses a filename. Then, based on the extension, we choose a method for the export (CSV, Excel). I guess we can rearrange this a bit. :-) –  Uli Gerhardt Feb 12 at 15:53
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