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Here's a jsfiddle

code is in the fiddle :)

Whenever the page size gets reduced so that the input fields get put below the labels, the input fields get immensly large! I might have some serious bootstrap knowledge gaps here, but I can't, for the life of me, see what's causing this!

Any suggestions? I've tried all the margin: 0 auto etc., and it didn't work. And I'd like to get this to work without any 'hacks' ^^


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Fiddle :

You have to change the BT class :

col-md-* to col-xs-*

Extract : Change

<label class="col-md-5 control-label" for="username">Username:</label>
    <div class="col-md-2">
        <input id="username" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Username.." />


<label class="col-xs-5 control-label" for="username">Username:</label>
    <div class="col-xs-2">
        <input id="username" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Username.." />

Here is the doc :


Look this fiddle :

You can add class for each devise


When you resize windows, look this native class :

@media (min-width: 768px)
.form-horizontal .control-label {
text-align: right;
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Ah, thanks! Now that that problem is solved, I see there are more problems to my code! At some point the text fields gets a bit smaller for (apparently?) no reason (maybe cus the column size is auto in xs, and they can't exceed that? But how can I work around that?), and when the size gets REALLY small the labels jump all the way to the left. Is that .control-label's fault? Thanks again :) – pewpew Feb 12 '14 at 16:11
Look my update, you can add multiple class : col-xs-2 col-sm-4, and change width of navigator – Put12co22mer2 Feb 12 '14 at 16:14
Hm ok, but that doesn't really answer my questions. – pewpew Feb 12 '14 at 16:16
Oups sorry I answer to you : In updating again ^^ Ok, so that's the reason about the right-left alignment. [sorry i need to go home] – Put12co22mer2 Feb 12 '14 at 16:17

I suggest you read up on how bootstrap grid layout works.

Your problem is this, col-md-5

As soon as your screen is below this md size, the bootstrap class doesn't apply, and thus the width resorts to it's default size, auto, which stretches it to fit it's parent container.

You should be using xs

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