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my purpose is refresh or update a DataGridView that get data from database and show them to the user. The application is composed by several form (and classes) in the same namespace, in this case I'm referring to:

  • Function_Map class that contains dataGridView2
  • Tool_Field class that contains the control able to add rows to the database

What I'm expecting is that when an user adds a row to the database from Tool_Field the system updates automatically the dataGridView2 control in Function_Map class. In my mind

I think that solution could be call the function

private void SetDatagrid()
    SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(Settings.DataBasePath);

    Settings.DBAccess.FillDataGridViewFromReg(ref table);


For this reason I declared in the Tool_Field

public delegate void Update_Table_Delegate();


private void BT_ToolField_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Update_Table_Delegate Update_Table = new Update_Table_Delegate(Function_Map.SetDatagrid);

    ... // Add row in database


The error that occur is Error 6 It should be a reference to an object property, method, or field is not static. I can solve this issue changing the line

Update_Table_Delegate Update_Table = 
new Update_Table_Delegate(Function_RegisterMap.SetDatagrid);


Update_Table_Delegate Update_Table = 
new Update_Table_Delegate(Function_RegisterMap.SetDatagrid2);

where SetDatagrid2 is declared static but, in this case, is not possible to acces to dataGridView2.

Thanks in advance

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I think, you need a event to update the grid. In Tool_Field class, make the following changes.

public delegate void Update_Table_Delegate(); //already declared
public event Update_Table_Delegate Changed; //declare event
//invoke event
public void OnChanged()
   if(Changed != null)

In the BT_ToolField_Click method call the OnChanged.

In the Function_Map class

 //put in c'tor or any appropriate place
 Tool_Field.Changed += new Update_Table_Delegate(SetDatagrid); 

Let me know if it helps you.

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