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ipython auto-completion is great, but a lot of times I need to use previous output and the form Out[15] doesn't get auto-completion. I always have to repeatly do an assignment:


Then use out15 for autocompletion. Can we make this mechanism automatic? ( I know I can use _, but it lacks readability and if I re-run sth, it becomes untraceable)

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There is no option to do that in IPython, and I don't see any good reason you would like to store thing in Out15 more than in a list.

A better question would have been, 'how can I get completion on dictionary and list element without using an intermediary variable'.

Like for me, Out[15].<tab> does trigger completion. I just set the completer greedy option (IPCompleter.greedy) to True, either in my profile, or using the %config magic.

Still this has side effect like :

  • if a attribute is in fact a property, it might get computed, which you might not want (like Sql query...etc).
  • It also work other dicts and lists , like pandas, also on function like 'mystring'.upper().decdoe().<tab> will work ... etc

Anyway that not what you asked, so it will probably not help you.

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Didn't know there is IPCompleter.greedy option. Though this is not what I asked, this is exactly the problem I want to solve:). The other reason I want out15 instead of Out[15] is just for less typing, and not that important. –  NathaneilCapital Feb 14 '14 at 20:28

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