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I need to a script that will pull up the Task Manager in Vista but with processes from all users (like when you click "Show processes from all users"). I don't mind the UAC interruption but I'd like to save some time and go straight to the "all users" version.

I don't care what language per se, just something that'll run it native to Vista without loading any extras.


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  • In the vista start menu search bar, type in "taskmgr" (without quotes).
  • When the taskmgr.exe program comes up in the results, right click and select "create shortcut."
  • On your desktop, right click your new shortcut and select "advanced" under the "shortcut" tab.
  • Check "run as administrator."

Now, when you click on this UAC will come up. After you tell it to run, it will open up with all users :)

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criky! nice work Nelson! – Keng Oct 20 '08 at 2:31
Hehe, my first attempt was to write a bat file. I named the bat file "taskmgr.bat" out of complete stupidity. It would not be a big issue if I had not added the "pause" command at the end for debugging. It took about four seconds to launch a few hundred command prompts... I had to reboot :P – nlaq Oct 20 '08 at 2:59
DOH!! that's awesome..80) – Keng Sep 17 '13 at 19:20

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