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The form fields both rows and columns should be disabled already but when a button is clicked the form fields should be enabled, I have 11 rows and 11 columns. I will specify my code with few rows and columns. It would be nice if someone helps me clearly.. thanks in advance..

<table class="auto-style15" style="width: 100%; height: 100%;">
<td class="auto-style11" rowspan="2" style="width: 70px"><strong>Operation No</strong></td>
<td class="auto-style22" rowspan="2" style="width: 156px"><strong>Fixture No</strong></td>

<td class="auto-style7" style="width: 70px; height: 25px">
<input name="oprno1" type="text" style="width: 70px" /></td>
<td class="auto-style7" style="height: 25px; width: 156px">
<input name="fixno1" style="width: 150px" type="text" /></td>

<input name="Button1" type="button" value="EDIT" class="auto-style12" />

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Add a 'hasInputs' class to your table and add an id to your button. Then it's a simple matter of disabling all input fields inside the table on page load:

$(document).ready(function() {
   $('.hasInputs').find('input').prop('disabled', true); 

and enabling them on click.

$('#btnEdit').on('click', function() {
   $('.hasInputs').find('input').prop('disabled', false); 

Here is a working fiddle.

Also, here is a version with an additional cancel button that toggles the fields. You could add a "save" button with similar methods.

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thank you!!....... – Shry Vishnu Murugesan Feb 12 '14 at 18:09

I dont know what you mean excactly but this can maybe help you:


$('.auto-style12').click(function(){ // . is the class selector # for ids

then you only add disabled to every input.

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