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I am using the following piece of code to make a subplot of n cases. I added three to make it easily readable

for c=1:cols
 labels_x = 1:cols;
 labels_y = 0:max_value;
 data = count_pairs(c,:);
 title_value = sprintf('Frequencies of %d,β',c);       
 hold all;

The problem is that I am not getting the same maximum value (which is the max_value variable) on the Y axis and so the graph cannot be interpreted very easily.Plus I am losing a lot of space since β goes up to 10 (lots of white space next to the final bar), even if cols variable equals to 10. Even if I change the 0.2 value, white space does not get any les. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Use ylim and xlim:

ylim([0 max_value])
xlim([0 cols])

This should solve your problem

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Yep! This was the trick! –  Kots Feb 12 '14 at 17:13

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