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Having issues changing the binwidth of stacked histogram created with ggplot2.

It does not error out but seems to be ignoring the binwidth setting.

ggplot(trade.a, aes(x=variable1,y=value ,fill=category)) + 
    geom_bar(stat = "identity", binwidth=c(0,300),position ='fill') + 
    xlim(0, 300) + 
    xlab("Variable1") + 
    ylab("Count") + 
    ggtitle("Category") + 
    scale_y_continuous(labels = percent_format()) + 
    theme_grey(base_size = 20)

Any ideas?

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Using stat="identity" inside the geom_bar means that the data in trade.a has already been binned and counted (which is also implied by specifying a y aesthetic which points into the trade.a data). binwidth is an argument to stat_bin (the default stat for geom_bar) which does the aggregation for you. (Additionally it takes only a single value; the breaks argument can take a vector of breakpoints.) Thus to change the binning width for the trade.a data, you need to go back to the step where you did the binning. Or start with unbinned data and use the default stat for geom_bar with the binwidth specified.

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