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I'd like to retrieve a mongo selector for the latest posts for each of the catagory ids I specify.

Here is an example of objects in the forumTopics collection:

    _id: ...,
    createdTime: [unix epoch timestamp],
    catagory: "someid"

In my code, I have an array of the category IDs I would like:

catagories = ["someid", "someotherid"]

I can fetch the posts for the catagories like this:

forumTopics.find {catagory: {$in: catids}}

My question is how I can fetch just one topic object for each category, the one fetched object being the one with the greatest createdTime. I know how to fetch with a limit of 1, but I'm not sure how to get one for each category in the $in.

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You can do this by using the aggregation framework:

forumTopics.aggregate( [
    { $match: { catagory: {$in: catids} } },
    { $sort: { createdTime: 1 } },
    { $group: {
            _id: "$catagory",
            forumTopicId: {
                $last: "$_id"
] )
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Just to add, the package is on atmosphere : atmosphere.meteor.com/package/mongodb-aggregation –  Akshat Feb 12 at 17:53
Ah, the fabled MapReduce... Awesome. –  Christian Stewart Feb 12 at 17:57

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