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<div id='aplayer'></div>


$('#note').click(function() {
$('#aplayer').html("<embed src=" + music + " onended='test();'" + ">");

function test(){
    alert ('525');

audio is playing, but onended() doesn't work.
I also tried onplay and onplaying - without result.

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If you can use HTML5, you should use the audio tag instead of the embed tag.

A JSfiddle exists here: http://jsfiddle.net/u6dbV/

<audio controls="controls" onpause="alert('Paused');" onended="alert('Ended');">
    <source src="http://www.jameshilldigital.net/testpage/borg.ogg" type="audio/ogg" />
  Your browser does not support the audio tag.

This method also gets you a ton of awesome usage through the HTML5 Audio Tag's API:



If you're looking for a programmatic example, I have a little audio player here: https://github.com/daekano/beard/blob/master/app/js/beard.js

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daekano, thanks, but I have about 50 .mp3 files, and in this case each of them I need to duplicate as .ogg ! –  bonaca Feb 12 at 18:21
Ah, I getcha. The audio tag supports .mp3 on IE, Chrome, Firefox 21 (on Windows 7+/Android). –  daekano Feb 12 at 18:24
Also, I tried your jsfiddle - doesn't work. I have win xp sp3 + chrome –  bonaca Feb 12 at 18:27
The audio file doesn't exist. It's an old jsfiddle that I found from a google search. –  daekano Feb 12 at 18:36
ok, thanks anyway. You answer very useful for me so I will accept it as solution, but still wondering what is wrong with my code. –  bonaca Feb 12 at 19:41

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