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I have this code:

object M {
  implicit class Obj(str: List[_]) {
    def mm(other: String) = macro Test.impl

//in macro i would get a `str` argument with actual value which pass into Obj
object Test {
  def impl(c: Context)(other: c.Expr[String]) = { 
    import c.universe._

At the moment, I use

c.prefix.tree {
  case ....

But is there a better choice available? Because at compile time, I have a full tree for the class and there may be available something like this:

c.prefix.actualType.someMethodForInitialize.str //get `str` from object

Is this possible or are there others?


List("a", "b", "c") mm "z"

in macro i got a tree:

Apply(Select(Ident(M), newTermName("Obj")),  List(Apply(TypeApply(Select(Select(This(newTypeName("immutable")), scala.collection.immutable.List), newTermName("apply")), List(TypeTree())), List(Literal(Constant("a")), Literal(Constant("b")), Literal(Constant("c"))))))

and an actual type M.Obj is it possible without tree traversal extract a List?

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Where's the str identifier in your arguments? Can you add an example of the macro's usage? –  TheTerribleSwiftTomato Feb 12 at 19:22

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Although this might not answer your question directly but in soon to be released 2.11 you'll be able to use quasiquotes to do all the hard work for you:

 val q"${s: String}" = other.tree
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wow, is it available in scala 2.10.3 ? –  lito Feb 13 at 16:00
@lito Quasiquotes are available in 2.10 with a compiler plugin –  Zim-Zam O'Pootertoot Feb 13 at 18:48
Unfortunately unlifting doesn't (yet) work in 2.10 version of quasiquotes. –  Den Shabalin Feb 24 at 11:42

If you're trying to extract the String from other, use

val otherStr: String = other.tree match {
  case Literal(Constant(str: String)) => str
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Yes, this is an obvious way. Is it possible without tree traversal extract a List? –  lito Feb 13 at 15:59

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