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so I am probably missing something really obvious but...

I use the following code:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

def f(t):
    A = 2409.505
    rho = 0.3260
    C = 0.00
    if C == 0.0:
        return (A*np.exp(-t/rho))
        return (A*np.exp(-t/rho)) - (C/r**6)

t1 = np.arange(0, 15, 0.01)
plt.ylim(-0.005, 100)
plt.plot(f(t1), 'b')
plt.tick_params(top = 'off', right = 'off')
plt.grid(linestyle = '--', linewidth = 0.05)

to produce the following plot: enter image description here

However, the labels for the xticks should read 1 - 16?! I am assuming it has picked these up from the array t1, but am struggling to format them correctly. Can anyone help?


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plt.plot(t1, f(t1), 'b')

If you only pass a 1D array\list to plot. it assumes the x axis to be 1, 2, 3, .. to to the length of your array\list

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You need to pass the array t1 as your x variable in the plot function:

plt.plot(t1, f(t1), 'b')
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