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I am trying to push some object inside a priority queue and I want them to be sorted based on the pathCost so the lowest pathCost would always be on the top of the queue.

    Queue<Node> frontier = new PriorityQueue<>(7, Node.pathComparator);
    Node n1 = new Node("z");n1.setPathCost(13);
    Node n2 = new Node("a");n2.setPathCost(12);
    Node n3 = new Node("f");n3.setPathCost(65);
    Node n4 = new Node("h");n4.setPathCost(10);



Here is the implementation of Comparable in my Node class:

public int compareTo(Node node) {
    return (this.pathCost - node.pathCost);

public static Comparator<Node> pathComparator = new Comparator<Node>() {

    public int compare(Node n1, Node n2) {
    return (int) (n1.getPathCost() - n2.getPathCost());

When output the queue it is not sorted based on pathCost! Does anybody know where is the problem? My output: [h, a, f, z]

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The problem is you didn't read the Javadoc. ;) PrirotiyQueue only guarantees the first element is sorted. – Peter Lawrey Feb 12 '14 at 18:35
Oh! Thank you! such a simple and tricky point! :) @PeterSmith – user1811758 Feb 12 '14 at 18:39
PriorityQueue assumes you only care about the next() element which AFAIK speeds up the performance. It does mean however that when you iterate over the collection it is not sorted. – Peter Lawrey Feb 12 '14 at 18:42

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