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I have an App in which I use AVPlayerLayer (used within a subclass of UIView just like Apples AV Foundation Programming Guide). Ihave a couple of view controllers witch are held in the View Controller that is resonsible for the menu (JASidePanels are used). The problem is as follows:

Everything works ok until the view controller with the AVPlayers does'nt get hidden (some other view is presented) and the the app enters background, gets back again and returns to the view. This Causes the AVPlayerLayer to display blank/transparent. The item is loaded as well as i can try playing it and indeed it is played but no video is seen.

What is the solution to this behaviour (and what is the cause of it)? Thx in advance.

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Did you ever resolve this? PS. Relevant xkcd: – vrutberg Jan 21 at 9:38
I had a similar issue, but the video didn't resume instead of going transparent. Try pausing the video when the app will enter background, and then play the video when the app enters foreground. – gomezluisj Feb 11 at 15:35
Paste the code here. This will help us understand your problem. – TechBee Feb 18 at 12:20

I'm not sure what causes it but a solution that worked for me was to reset the player on the AVPlayerLayer

   avPlayerLayer = AVPlayerLayer(player: currentAvPlayer)
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