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I need to make this function have the ability to have an add event listener and remove event listener

canvas2 was $('canvas') but i changed it to make it easier to use


because this does not have an event listener

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What? What do you mean by "have"? –  Bergi Feb 12 at 18:56
I don't have any idea what you're asking. –  Mathletics Feb 12 at 19:00
i need the function to be add event listener becuase it is a drawing application so when the function has been used the function needs to be disengaged but with the thing i have at the moment it willk continuously run –  Christopher Craven Feb 12 at 19:05

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Wild guess: You want

canvas2.on("mousedown", handleMouseDown);
canvas2.off("mousedown", handleMouseDown);

With the unnecessary anonymous function you did not have a reference to the actual passed listener, so you could not remove it any more.

when the function has been used the function needs to be disengaged

You might also consider using .one("mousedown", handleMouseDown), then.

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i got this function to work thanks :D the code here was slightly off, for the .off function it should look like this canvas2.off("mousedown"); just removed that event listener, but it got me to where i need so thanks :D –  Christopher Craven Feb 17 at 17:27

You need to say either



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