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I am using the RallyConnector to sync user stories and defects with JIRA.

here is my field mapping

  <Field><Rally>Name</Rally>         <Other>Summary</Other></Field>
  <Field><Rally>Description</Rally>  <Other>Description</Other></Field>
  <Field><Rally>FormattedID</Rally>  <Other>RallyKey</Other></Field>
  <Field><Rally>Tags</Rally>  <Other>Labels</Other></Field>

When I added the Tags field and map it to the Labels (JIRA's version of Tags) to the connector, I get the following error:

ERROR : RallyEIF::WRK::JiraRestConnection.rescue in attempt_update - Attempt to update issue JM-25 failed, undefined method `split' for # < RallyAPI::RallyCollection:0x007fd1950b2890 @results=[]>

I suppose this has something to do with the fact that it is a list of values, and just not a single value.

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Only Bugzilla and CQ connectors support tags, but not the Jira connector. It's mentioned here, in the Best Practices. You are correct that in WS API Tags is a collection.

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