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I'm building an app with Rails 2.3.4 and using

script/generate controller home index

to generate a controller and home page. I've got Haml installed. I get an erb file:


but I'd prefer to have a Haml file generated instead, like:


I recall Merb would generate .haml views instead of .erb if a haml gem was detected. Is this not available in Rails 2.3.4? I tried

script/generate controller home index --haml

but a "--haml" option is invalid.

Of course I can manually change my erb files to haml files but I'd rather have the generator do the work. Call me lazy. Suggestions?

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This gem will do the trick

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Good answer for Rails 3.0. And we should be using Rails now. – Daniel Kehoe Nov 2 '10 at 5:11

Waht actually worked for me, but in rails 3.1 is this wiki here: :)

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This gem here might be useful. I don't think there is any way to do this outside of a plugin/gem. (disclaimer: I haven't tried this myself, but came across it when I was researching the same thing)

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