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I'm trying to send a large (~3 MB array of vector data from my native c++ host to its embedded dart VM using the async (Send/ReceivePort) pattern described in https://www.dartlang.org/articles/native-extensions-for-standalone-dart-vm/

My goal is to transfer a native c++ vector of Float32x4 to a typed dart Float32x4List object in one go.

All is well and jolly when I try and send integer arrays, and i was able to run the example in the tutorial, but when i try to construct a native Dart_CObject as in:

Dart_CObject obj;
obj.type = Dart_CObject_kTypedData;
obj.value.as_typed_data.type = Dart_TypedData_kFloat32x4;
obj.value.as_typed_data.values = &myData;
obj.value.as_typed_data.length = myDataLength;
Dart_PostCObject(reply_port_id, &obj);

I get:

vm/dart_api_message.cc:1105: error: unimplemented code

Since it seems that currently only Dart_TypedData_kUInt8 and Dart_TypedData_kInt8 appear to be ready for serialisation.

Is there a work-around for this? i.e. is there a way to push my native data to the dart VM as a uint8 blob and re-interpreting that buffer in dart as a Float32x4List?

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You can send the data to Dart as an Uint8List and use the Float32x4List.view constructor to re-interpret the data as an Float32x4List. E.g.

Uint8List data = ...
Float32x4List view = new Float32x4List.view(data.buffer)
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Works brilliantly. Cheers! –  tgfrerer Feb 13 at 9:12

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