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I have a python file, which looks something like this:

class Hello():
    something = 0
    someotherthing = 2

class Heythere():
    def whatsthis():

class Anotherclass():


And it continues like this for some time, there are a lot of classes. I want to capture each class into a list using a regular expression. I always want the regex to start capturing the strings at "class" and always want it to stop where there are two line breaks in a row. Here is what I tried, and got nowhere. I am not familiar with regular expression syntax at all so maybe I am doing things completely wrong:

import re

r = open('python.py','r').read()
x = re.findall(r'(class?)\n\n', r)

x always returns an empty list []

Not sure where I am doing this wrong, but I am fairly certain my syntax is completely off. I just... don't know where to start

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why don't you start with open(...).read().split('\n\n') then the regex will be much easier :-) –  thebjorn Feb 12 at 19:50
I would strongly suggest not parsing the code with regex. If you need a list of classes in a module look into the inspect module. Also, this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/1796180/…. –  g.d.d.c Feb 12 at 19:52
Well both of those answers are way better than what I was thinking :) Thanks guys! –  Titus P Feb 12 at 19:56
Also, the ast module can parse Python code without running it. –  user2357112 Feb 12 at 20:14

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this regex will capture your groups


demo here : http://rubular.com/r/MBLLb2m8WG

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is this anything like what you want?

import re
r = open('python.py','r').read()
x = re.findall(r'class .+', r)
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A context manager would be appropriate here. with open('python.py','r') as fin: r = fin.read() –  GVH Feb 12 at 21:06

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