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I've baked a Plugin. The Controller in the Plugin works fine. Within the Controller I want to use the HtmlHelper within the Controller.

But... the Controller is complaining: $this->Html stays null.

The Controller in the Plugin contains: public $helpers = array('Html'); For debug purposes I have changed the location to $helpers to the AppController. In the folder Controller I've added a TestsController which extends from AppController. He has a working HtmlHelper.

My Plugin Controller extends also from the AppController:

Plugin Controllers:
- UserManagerAppController extends from AppController
- UsercomponentsController extends from UserManagerAppController

Normal Controller folder:
- AppController extends from Controller

Why doesn't UsercomponentsController contains a HtmlHelper?

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"In the folder Controller I've added a TestsController which extends from AppController. He has a working HtmlHelper." How exactly did you manage this? Were you ever able to debug($this->Html) in a controller and get a non-null value? – jimmymadon Feb 12 '14 at 21:13
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Firstly, public $helpers = array('Html'); will not load the helper in your controller, it will load it in the view file rendered by your controller. You will be able to use the $this->Html reference in the view rendered, not any controller action. This is regardless of whether you try to load the Helper in a plugin controller or a normal one.

Check the package tree in the Cake Docs and read more on the differences between a Component and a Helper. You can use a Component in a Controller and a Helper in a View. You should not have the need to use the HtmlHelper (which assists with creating HTML form elements) in the controller. That would break the MVC paradigm.

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Thanks, for helping. Yes, it was a misunderstanding. It's now clear to me. – erwineberhard Feb 18 '14 at 15:20

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