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I am trying to insert email headers read from impap in to a mysql text field. Problem is the headers are full of slashes, commas, quotes, line feeds. mysql_escape doesnt come near it. The different mail server responses can lead to quite different headers. Do i have to do some weird voodoo before storage?

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From the reference to mysql_escape[_string], I assume you are using PHP? –  Mark Byers Jan 31 '10 at 23:40

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mysql_real_escape_string() should really be all you need:

mysql_real_escape_string() calls MySQL's library function mysql_real_escape_string, which prepends backslashes to the following characters: \x00, \n, \r, \, ', " and \x1a.

are you working with multiple connections? If you are, be sure to add $link_identifier to the call, as defined in the manual.

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I am a pillock - mysqlescape string does work just fine. Late nights and commas got me fuzzcooed. –  user263133 Feb 6 '10 at 0:27

Use prepared statements instead of building the query using strings.

See for example here.

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