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I am using the sample provided by omniauth-oauth2 to create a custom Oauth2 provider. This is fairly easy and I use option :client_options, {site: "https://sub.dom.is?id=myId"} for my issuer but when the redirection happens I get a 404 and when I check the URL I can see that is is actually https://sub.dom.is/oauth/authorize?id=myID and of course this is wrong since there has been added oauth/authorize to the URL..

does anyone know why? or who adds it and then how can I get rid of it?

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I found the answer on anti-pattern.com ... when I provide only the site the omniauth-oauth2 will add oauth/authorize to it as a default. However, if I provided authorize_url like so option :client_options,{site:"https://www.dom.is",authorize_url:"https://sub.dom.is?id=‌​myID"} the autorize_url is used when authorising the user.

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