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I'm doing an ajax call that returns JSON, which includes 3 location zip codes.

These zip codes are:


Then, a "search" form returns a list of zip codes within a search radius. These are:


and each zipcode is here:


I cannot figure out how to check if value2.loc1_zip, value2.loc2_zip, or value2.loc3_zip are in the list of zipback.zip_codes

I've tried this, but it has not worked:

var grabbed_zips = zipback.zip_codes;
if (grabbed_zips.hasOwnProperty(value2.loc2_zip)) {

Here's the raw JSON:



Here's the actual jquery I'm using:

    type: "GET",
    url: '',
    dataType: "json",
    success: function(zipback) {
        var grabbed_zips = zipback.zip_codes;
        $.getJSON('/scripts/get_counselor.php', function(data2) {
            $.each(data2.counselor_posts, function(name2,value2) {
                if (grabbed_zips.hasOwnProperty(value2.loc3_zip)) {

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what is value2.loc1_zip? Is it a string? And what is zipback.zip_codes.zip_code? I would have guessed zip_codes would be an array, but from the way you are using it, it doesn't look like it. Can you include the raw JSON response you are getting in your question? – Matt Burland Feb 12 '14 at 21:12
value2.loc1_zip is a string. zip_codes is an array like this: {"zip_codes":[{"zip_code":"30324","distance":4.484},{"zip_code":"30376","distan‌​ce":4.298}]} – Dan w Feb 12 '14 at 21:19
I've updated my question to include the actual code for some clarification – Dan w Feb 12 '14 at 21:30

Are you using $.parseJSON to instantiate a JSON Object? $.parseJSON

This will help yo manage the object. And if the object is a list, then:

var JSONZips = $.parseJSON('{"zips" : {"user1zip":94140, "user2zip": 94107}}');

This would return true.

If you need to find a specific value, then:

function checkForValue(json, value) {
for (key in json) {
    if (typeof (json[key]) === "object") {
        return checkForValue(json[key], value);
    } else if (json[key] === value) {
        return true;
return false;


Hope this helps!

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I would extract the zip codes contained in the result of the form with a map function, then test if some of the zip codes you have is contained in it.

For example:

var zip1 = "30321", zip2 = "00000", zip3 = "01010"; //zip codes you want to test
var grabbed_zips = {"zip_codes":[{"zip_code":"30324","distance":4.484},{"zip_code":"30376","distan‌​ce":4.298}]}; //search result

//flattened array containing the zip codes in the search result
var zipCodes ={ return zip.zip_code; });

//The test you are looking for, either true or false
var someMatch = [zip1, zip2, zip3].some(function(curZip){ return zipCodes.indexOf(curZip) != -1; });

Two arrays are used: one containing the zip codes you have, the other derived from the zip codes in the result of the form. The some method tests if one of the zip codes in the first array is equal (index!= -1) in the second one.

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