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This is a very general question and maybe difficult to ask, but the thing is that I have a Phonegap aplication with two buttons in the main page.

One button is to list all the customers I have in my database, and the other button is to synchronize the database, so the user can download de customer's information from the server.

On Android 4.0 and over, it works great, but, when I run it on Android 2.3.6 and under, the synchronization button stops working. This the code:


<div data-role="button"><img src="images/synch.png" class="iconGrid"  onclick="syn()"/></div>


function syn(){
    var synchronizationManager = new Test.mobile.SynchronizationManager();

JS 2

Test.mobile.SynchronizationManager = function(){    
    function synchronize(){
    function synchronizeCustomers (){
return {




So fat, only 0 and 1 messages show up. It never gets to alert(2). Once again, this happens only in Android 2.3.6 and under. In Chrome and Android 4.0 it works just fine!

Im really stuck here. Any ideas?

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Could you write some more details? –  Giovanni Filardo Feb 12 at 21:52
like which ones? –  Agustín Feb 12 at 21:59
Are you able able to log the this inside each function? (synchronize and synchronizeCustomers) –  Giovanni Filardo Feb 12 at 22:03
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