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I am completely new to Umbraco & Webmatrix. I am using Windows 8 ,IIS version 8 & Webmatrix version 3. I tried installing Umbraco v6.1.6 but Step-5(Starter Kits) failed and gives me this error:

Oops...the installer can't connect to the repository Starter Kits could not be fetched from the repository as there was no connection - which can occur if you are using a proxy server or firewall with certain configurations, or if you are not currently connected to the internet. Click Continue to complete the installation then navigate to the Developer section of your Umbraco installation where you will find the Starter Kits listed in the Packages tree.

I also tried to open it by clicking the 'Developer' button and then to the 'Packages' directory but still get the same error.

I also granted permission to the IUSR & IIS_IUSR to access Windows/Temp folder but still no luck.

In the web.config file i have also put this but still no luck :

defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true"

What should i do, guide me. I don't know if its relevant or not but I want to just point out that my isp requires Windows VPN authentication to connect to the internet which i have set on my router to connect automatically, which it does and my internet is in working condition but Umbraco could not load the repository of the starter kits, I am stuck here.

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Have you tried to download a startkit as a zip, and then install it manually from developer section? See starter kits here –  Morten OC Feb 13 at 20:27

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The best place to discuss Umbraco problems is OurUmbraco. Have you checked this?

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Response time on our.Umbraco is much slower than stackoverflow. –  syed Ahsan Jaffri Feb 17 at 5:45

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