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Do you know any Lombok alternatives ? Using Lombok we can forget about messing class with getters and setters and toString, I want use it in my project however I wonder if there are any better alternatives?

I am using Java 1.7.. and cannot change to 1.8.

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I don't think this question should get closed. While it's sort of asking for a tool, it's rather fundamental. It could be also rephrased as "is there a way to avoid writing all the common Java boilerplate", without mentioning any tool. – maaartinus Feb 12 '14 at 23:18
@maartinus +1 As often, closing is more made to strictly respect the rules instead of seeing users intention and interest… Why, if this is the only good resource I find when searching for Lombok alternative, this is closed? And what's definitely bad about opinionated answers (but it becomes some meta questionning): if you search for another thing than Lombok, it's that you've the opinion or the intuition that perhaps it's not the best way to deal with boilerplate code and you want the opinion of others on their found best way. – PomCompot Sep 25 '14 at 12:44
@maartinus +1 i think this question should be reopened, i'm interested in this topic – chairam Jun 22 '15 at 16:19

I'm afraid, there's no alternative unless you want to switch to something like Scala or are happy with a smaller set of features like those provided by AutoValue.

While AutoValue is probably the best you can get with pure Java, it offers

  • @Getter
  • @AllArgsConstructor
  • @EqualsAndHashCode
  • @ToString
  • @Builder

but it misses

  • @Setter
  • @Delegate
  • @ExtensionMethod
  • and some more features I don't use.

While I strongly agree that immutability is a virtue, it sometimes isn't applicable. Anyway, Lombok tries hard to support immutability, it even integrates with Guava's immutable collections, and you can write

@Builder @Getter public final class Sentence {
    private final boolean truthValue;
    @Singular private final ImmutableList<String> words;    

and use it like

Sentence s = Sentence.builder().truthValue(true)
assertEquals(3, s.getWords().size());

Note: I'm not the author, so I can say it's cool.

Both Lombok and AutoValue use some magic. The magic of the latter is the standard annotation processing, so it's pretty robust. It has some disadvantages as listed on page 27. I'd add the fact that some AutoValue_foo gets generated which I didn't order.

Lombok uses some black magic and thus is much more fragile, but it offers more and works pretty well.

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"Better" is fairly contentious here, but one alternative is AutoValue, available here. This presentation explains some of the differences between AutoValue and e.g. Lombok.

In particular, AutoValue emphasizes immutability (a good thing, generally!) and a minimum of extralinguistic magic (very different from Lombok).

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