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I am using angular-strap datepicker from http://mgcrea.github.io/angular-strap/##datepickers for my angularjs SPA project. when editing an existing record using ngModel two way binding, Angular doesn't detect the date field change and even if I force the form to save by updating another non date field, the new date is not updated in backend. Here is the related part in my html file:

<input name="DecisionDatePicker" id="ddpID" type="text" class="form-control input-medium" tabindex="14" placeholder="{{vm.format}}"
   bs-datepicker />

I do not do anything special in my js file. I am using breezejs for my data handling and it is working fine for other fields. what am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

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I'm struggling with a similar problem (Breeze entity is updated from timepicker, but entityChanged event is not called). Have you ever found a solution to this? –  Pascal Jan 20 at 14:43
I'm having this problem as well. –  andrei Jan 26 at 18:39

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I've had this same problem and I solved with a custom directive that updates the model when the bs-datepicker dispatches a blur event:

      ['$parse', function($parse) {
        return {
          restrict: 'A',
          require: 'ngModel',
          link: function (scope, elm, attrs) {
              elm.bind("blur", function (event) {
                scope.$apply(function () {
                  var model = $parse(attrs.ngModel);
                  model.assign( scope, elm.context.value );

I know this is just a hack, and not a final solution for the problem. But, if you are stuck and want to keep going, sometimes a hack might be useful.

You can also include $filter service in the directive if you want to manipulate date format before updating model. ;)

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