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Found Mylyn as a very good task manager that supports Trac and Gmail Task.

I've seen Tasktop, but looking for something with smaller memory footprint that I could always run in background.

Is there any lighter client (not on Eclipse platform) to manager at least Trac tasks (via XML-RPC) and in best case scenario with GMail Tasks support?

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i'd like to clarify, for what reasons does a web browser showing Trac running in the background not qualify? for some reason i cannot write this as a comment for the question.

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Offline access is usually the reason I go looking for something like this. It can be very useful if you travel a lot, even with the widely available WiFi access these days. – RjOllos Mar 1 '10 at 6:08
right, there is no mention of offline requirement in OP, so i didn't consider that. either way, i'm not aware of any lighter offline client than Mylyn. – lkraav Mar 6 '10 at 10:53
Task management tool works very well when it does not take much time for tracking tasks itself. After trying plugin in Eclipse, I realised, that it is much easier to use it instead of opening several pages in browser. Rather than opening Trac page, I would prefer to have some widget on MacOS dashboard or even integrated in iGoogle or just very small application that is always running. I think, the main requirements would be very simple interface like Google Tasks in GMail. The main disadvantage of Google Tasks that you can not assign them to several people. – Dmitry Mar 23 '10 at 14:42

currently tasktop and mylyn both require eclipse, there was talk about porting stuff over to netbeans. Netbeans is coded java but does use less memory than eclipse. Eclipse does use a lot of ram but the app is always very responsive and never really feels like a java app.

If you use bugzilla, there are standalone clients for bugzilla.

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