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I am using ffmpeg to convert any video to mp4.

I am using this command in my php script to convert video:

echo exec("/usr/bin/ffmpeg -i $inputFile -c:v libx264 -strict experimental $outputFile");

$inputFile  = DOC_ROOT. "media/video/tmp/{$postId}_v.{$ext}";
$outputFile  = DOC_ROOT. "media/video/{$postId}_v.mp4";

But, somehow, it's not converting the video. What could be the reason?

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Are the variables $inputFile and $outputFile initialized before you launch the command? –  AJ29 Feb 13 at 0:54
We know what is doesn't do. Do you mind telling us what it does do? Does it crash? is there an error message? Is your computer turned on? –  szatmary Feb 13 at 2:08

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