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I am creating my own Rails messaging system from scratch, using Facebook & SMS one-conversation-per-two-people type as a role model. I've researched and planned it for a few hours now, and decided I will have a Conversation model along with Message model. Messages will belong to Conversation and hold the content. Conversation model will be used finding the conversation between these two people.

Here's what my Conversation model currently looks like in migration:

    create_table :conversations do |t|
      t.integer :participant_id
      t.integer :initiator_id


However, with this, when finding conversations, I will have to search in both participant_id and initiator_id columns! That doesn't feel to me a good practice at all. Another idea I had is to store both in an array of two and find if exists in that.

(TL;DR) My question: Is it more efficient to store users participating in the conversation like this or in an array? Or is there a third, most efficient way?

Thank you in advance, all answers are gigantically appreciated!

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I think the way you have it, is pretty efficient. If you think about it from a DB query perspective, it's just SELECT * FROMconversations WHERE user.participant_id = X OR user.initiator_id = X – hmartinezd Feb 13 '14 at 5:48

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