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I'm currently trying to make a function call after an onClick for a link which is specified by the variables, but only one of the links work, I've been using firebug and it isn't reporting any errors, so I don't know what the problem may be. The code is as follows:

window.onload = function () {
    var jpbutton = document.getElementById("jpbutton");  
    var usbutton = document.getElementById("usbutton");
    if (usbutton.addEventListener) 
        usbutton.addEventListener("click", run, false);
    else if(jpbutton.addEventListener)
        jpbutton.addEventListener("click", execute, false);

Thank you in advance!

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well with your if statement there it will only ever add the usbutton listener, its always going to return true for the first if. replace else if with just if –  Patrick Evans Feb 13 at 4:27
What do run and execute do? –  Bergi Feb 13 at 4:27
run and execute are function calls –  iplayjumanji2 Feb 13 at 4:28
Patrick you are absolutely correct! I definitely have over looked that, i'm still new to javascript. I appreciate your help –  iplayjumanji2 Feb 13 at 4:30

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