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there I have a question. I am trying hard to do this without asking but after a couple of hours of searching and trying, I cannot seem to make it work. This is for an assignement. I just need guidance.

I have to create the following objects

Student(String name, double GPA)
Classroom (int maxClassSize)

The classroom object initializes an arrray where I would store the Student objects.

However, the array in Classroom() is declared as private (private Student students[]) so I am adding students using a public method

public boolean add(Student aStudent)  *do not worry about the boolean type

I can also return the value of an array using a get method

public Student getStudent(int position)

Those methods are set in the assignment.

My question is, when I try to output the objects in the array (again, this is required for the assignment). I get the reference, ie Student@23e45e23 instead of the name and GPA of each object.

I cannot use toString.

Any ideas?

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You have to implement a toString method for Student, otherwise, it gives you a default one(the memoery address). –  Drogba Feb 13 at 4:46
if you can access the student's properties you can do println getStudent(0).getName() + getStudent.getGPA(); –  connor Feb 13 at 4:47
I asked the teacher and I cannot use toString, and the assignment did specifically say "The proof output must be from objects returned to your main method by the classroom object." (his words). –  user2861118 Feb 13 at 4:52

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You are seeing the (non-human friendly) output of the toString() method of the Object class.

Define a toString() method in your Student class, which will override the implementation found in the Object class (which Student implicitly extends)

Something like:

public String toString() {
    return firstName + " " + lastName + " - " gpa;

The toString() method is called whenever you print an object:


if student is not null, this has the same effect as calling:

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Try to override toStringMethod()


class Studet{
public String toString(){
 return name+""+GPA;


make object of Class

and then access the values of variables using that object.

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I was able to resolve it finally without using toString (can't use it) with




Thanks everyone!

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