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The autocomplete of eclipse is not working now and I searched for hours but I couldn't find an answer to solve it. I haven't used it for long time then the first thing after opening it was to install SWT and windows builder even though I had swing installed. What I mean is, it is may possibly be because of some conflict caused by swt and swing(I read something about a conflict but I don't if this is possible).

Strange thing is it doesn't show anything when I press ctrl+space but when I go Edit-> Content Assist -> Default(it says Ctrl+Space nearby it), it shows things needed to be shown/works as desired.

public class Dsada {
    String sssss;
    public Dsada(){
        sss //pressing ctrl+space is not working,Edit->ContentAssist->Default works fine

The solution is not to tick/untick some stuff under Windows->Preferences->...->Content Assist-> Advanced. I checked if "ctrl+space" is hijacked by some other thing which is not and checked keyboard language which is English(Those are suggested in mkyong).

I read something about a bug but I couldn't understand. I tried to delete eclipse and re-install again but I guess some settings just stayed in the machine so that it didn't work.

Thanks in advance,

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The hot key combination ctrl+space might be conflict with other settings in system if you are using windows.

Try modify this combination like alt+/, i always use this one since the first time i knew eclipse. It works well.

Hope it works for you.

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It worked a bit. If there is only one possible word, then it completes, but if more it is not bringing the possible templates. –  smttsp Feb 13 '14 at 16:23
That's weird. Actually, there are two places to be modified, window -> preferences -> General -> Keys, find Content Assist, modify the Binding to Alt+/ if it wasn't, and find Word Completion, modify the Binding to Alt+. if it wasn't. Those two options sometimes conflict with system's. After doing so, try with Alt+/ or Alt+.. –  Howard Feb 14 '14 at 0:38
I did that way but it worked as I said. I tried Ctrl+Shift+Space as well, the result is same. I couldnt think of any solution for that but do you think it is possible that if I completely delete everything about eclipse it will work? Or there is a bigger problem than that? –  smttsp Feb 15 '14 at 12:16
I deleted everything related to eclipse, and re-unzip it. Then did what you have proposed. Now, I'm not able to use ctrl+space (while changing key, it is accepting ctrl+space) but ctrl+shift+space works fine :) at least better than not working at all. Still, I wish, I could be able to use ctrl+space –  smttsp Feb 15 '14 at 14:18
If you are using window OS, ctrl+space is the system default hotkey for changing input method. So that is the problem with eclipse itself, since ctrl+space is the default setting come up with eclipse. Anyway, changing it would be a good solution. And so far as i know, it was a common issue which i have no idea why eclipse team didn't change it. –  Howard Feb 17 '14 at 6:18

I had the same Problem on Ubuntu 14.04. The problem for me was that ibus used Ctrl+Space as a shortcut. I solved it by starting the program ibus-setup and chaning the shortcut to something else than Ctrl+Space.

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Thanks a lot! This drove me crazy!!! –  JohnyTex Jun 9 at 14:15

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