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How can I implement selective client side validation
using MVC 2 built-in validation system?
Assume I have a checkbox in my form title "Do you have any child?"
and if checked the textbox below it should be required
(textbox titled Number of children).

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This also applies to more common scenarios such as having a cancel button on the form - obviously you do not want validation to fire then. –  James Hughes Apr 9 '10 at 13:10

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A few options that might get you thinking here. In the case of multiple post actions (e.g. clicking cancel button on a form shouldn't fire validation) I have made sure that forms only post one actions and anything else is essentially a styled link. Validation won't fire in this case.

If, as is in your case, you have complex validation I would suggest creating a custom validator and registering a client side adapter e.g.


So you'd be writing a custom validation attribute, a custom model validator and some JavaScript code to register a new client side validator. This sort of approach has worked for me in the past but the dependency on another model property can be a bit of a problem.

Hopefully this helps.

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