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I'm using runCommand from System.Process but I use

"cd " ++ path ++ " & " ++ args

And it's not good, even will not work if path is on different local drive in windows.

How can I handle current directory change for runCommand ?

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Have you tried setCurrentDirectory from System.Directory? Maybe if you set the working directory of the main program before using runCommand, the command would run in that directory. –  enough rep to comment Feb 13 at 9:02
@enoughreptocomment thanks, that's what I need. –  Heather Feb 13 at 9:08
I've changed my comment into an answer since it sounds like that worked. –  enough rep to comment Feb 13 at 12:51

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setCurrentDirectory from System.Directory changes the working directory of the main program.

If you do that before using runCommand, the command should use that directory too.

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By looking at the source code of runCommand you can realize is just a thin wrapper for createProcess which is the one doing the real work. Here is an example taken from the createProcess documentation, which has been edited for convenience to address this question.

(_, Just hout, _, _) <- createProcess (proc "/path/to/my/executable" [])
                            { cwd = Just "/path/to/working-directory"
                            , std_out = CreatePipe }
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strange, I'm getting createProcess: does not exist (No such file or directory) –  Heather Feb 13 at 7:46
The current directory for the executable is specified by cwd. I think you still have to pass the full path of your executable to proc, if it's not in your env variable PATH. –  Danny Navarro Feb 13 at 7:53
I've edited the example to clarify my point. –  Danny Navarro Feb 13 at 7:55
I've got executable in PATH but seems like this thing can't see it still:( –  Heather Feb 13 at 9:06
There is also the possibility of passing a custom PATH with the env argument of createProcess, but unless you have a specific need for this, I think it's just simpler to pass the full path to the executable. –  Danny Navarro Feb 13 at 9:11

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