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I have following script to copy one folder 'images' from E:\ drive to folder 'e_images' in d:\ drive path 'd:\D_IMAGES_BACKUP\e_images'. The source images folder including files, folders (directories) and sub-folder (sub directories). The problem is this when I execute the script it ask for folder (f) or directory (d):. Now I want that it should not ask for 'folder or directory'. Please tell me which option I will use to handle it. My script is:

@echo off
echo ******************************************************
echo Copying images files from E-Drive to D-Drive @ application server
echo ******************************************************

echo Copying files..........
echo *********************************



rmdir /S /Q images


xcopy E:\images\*.* /E /Y /D D:\D_IMAGES_BACKUP\IMAGES

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Try this instead

xcopy E:\images\*.* /E /Y /D D:\D_IMAGES_BACKUP\IMAGES\

Notice the trailing backslash.

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