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I have recently designed the website which is live now (www.beboskitchen.com) but when I google it so it displays the title as "Launch SoonBebos Kitchen" although I have updated the title name as well. Pleas provide your feedback about this issue.

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This would make sense if "Launch SoonBebos Kitchen" had been the meta title before. Google takes some time to update its index. (days, weeks - depends...) –  Mx Gherkins Feb 13 '14 at 8:11

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Google has last crawl your site when your meta title was ""Launch SoonBebos Kitchen" " when you update the meta title , the result dont come suddenly . you have to wait for next time when google we recrawl you site.


If you've just added a URL to your site, or a page has significantly changed since the last time it was crawled, you can ask Google to crawl it. (Google doesn't guarantee that we'll index every URL we crawl, however.)

check this Ask Google to crawl a page or site

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