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I am creating a firebug extension. I need to display json in the panel, I am using textarea to display panel but it doesn't work, extension simply crashes. I tried this:

var template = domplate(

                TEXTAREA({"class": "textEditorInner", type: "text"},json)

but the plugin crashes, it works for normal text however.

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Odd. Is that the only code you have in your extension? –  fflorent Feb 14 at 12:29
@fflorent obviously not. Anyways I fully tested domplate and it does not support displaying json in input or textarea due to double quotes, so I used ACE editor instead. –  adnan kamili Feb 14 at 12:45
Ask your question in the Firebug forum here: groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/firebug. People of Firebug will definitely help you. –  fflorent Feb 16 at 13:04

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Note that your json variable should contain a string with backslash escaped quotes when passing it to the template.

Other solution would be to first render your template

var textarea = template.render();

and then add the content afterwards via

textarea.value = json;

Of course you'll then need to remove the json from your template.

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Thanks for the reply but I already used ACE lib instead of domplate. –  adnan kamili Feb 19 at 13:40

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