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Eg. to

I have a full list of address to be flip over. It's all stored in "queriess.csv" How should the code be like?

$file = file('queriess.csv');
foreach($file as $line){
    list($ipadd)=explode(" ", $line);
    echo"<b>$ipadd  </b>";
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Very simple. Providing all of the records have three parts, www., websitename and .ext you can explode at the . and re-order the array.

$parts = explode('.', $address);
$new_string = $parts[2] . $parts[1] . $parts[0];
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Explode => Reverse => Implode.

$string = "";
$words = explode(".",$string);
$words = array_reverse($words);
echo implode(".",$words);


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You could do like this..

echo implode('.',$arr); //"prints"

Putting it in a function for processing all your URLs


function returnURL($url)
echo $arr;

foreach($yourURLs as $url) //$yourURLs is the list of URLs say , ...
  returnURL($url); //<--- say if your url is it prints
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I don't want to insert the string manually. Because i have a full list inside the .csv file. So must read from the file instead of declaring as a individual string. – user3305180 Feb 13 '14 at 9:06
That is why I have given you the second part of the code as a function so you could just pass your list of URLs. – Shankar Damodaran Feb 13 '14 at 9:09

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