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I am a novice to Windows printer driver, and would appreciate any pointers on the following.

  • Enumerating as a printer (In the print menu, similar to print to PDF file)
  • Capturing the print job and encode it into a JPG file (say)

I am comfortable with JPG encoding, as I am thinking of using open source tools like ImageMagick. But I am not sure where to start the enumeration and printing stuff.

BTW, Is Microsoft WDM DDK available for free download?

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The Windows Driver Kit can be downloaded freely on

I'm no driver expert but have worked on Printer Port Monitors (see this StackOverflow question) to capture the output of standard printer drivers (Postscript) and convert them to PDF or TIF using Ghostscript (Ghostscript is available in an open source format, and can also output JPG) which is reasonably easy to do.

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You should use WMI to enumerate prints. See: To capture all print jobs as a file, it makes more sense to capture print jobs into a pdf file, as a print job might be more than one page. To do so, you need to include in your software a .pdf library. Try:

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