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This might be simple one and also this has been answered before but I don't know how to look for the exact method.

-> Am having two list box in my form. One is for product name and other one is for Company name.

-> On page load, Listbox1 will retrieve values from database(Product name). Once item has been selected from listbox1, the respective company names should be fetched in listbox2.

For eg : Database name is Motor

Here is my table named as "Register" and it contains two columns they are,

Productname        Companyname

Car                 Bmw
Bike                Bmw
Car                 Honda
Bike                Honda

My Question is

I retrieved product name details into listbox1, here the thing is i don't want to repeat the same items, so I used Distinct like this,

Select Distinct Productname from Register

Now if i select car from listbox 1 then the respective company names should be display in listbox2. But what am getting is only Honda on my listbox2 and am not getting BMW.

I can guess these things are happening only because of 'Distinct'. But i don't know exactly how to do this. Hope am not confusing you.So any help would be more helpful to me and thanks in advance.


select Companyname from Register where Productname='"+listbox1.selecteditem+"'

This is the query which is used to retrieve values into listbox2. I used datareader to read and get the values.

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can you provide the query you are using to fetch Company Names? –  Vitap Ramdevputra Feb 13 at 10:26
I have added the query @VitapRamdevputra –  gkrishy Feb 13 at 10:31
Not that one, Provide the query you are using to retrieve the Company name when passing Product name, –  Guru Feb 13 at 10:33
@Guru See my updated question. I have added the query under the field of Update. –  gkrishy Feb 13 at 10:36
Krishy, There should be a Unique Value representing your products Something like Product Code, and same should be used in as foriegn key for Company Name table, then only it is possible to retrieve uniquely for each product. –  shiva kumar Feb 13 at 10:46

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Few things to my knowledge:
i) May be you are using Datareader(1) instead of start with datareader (0).
ii) try using datatable and check if you are getting all the values or not in the datatable object.
iii) Below code did work for me i tried placing both the columns(Product and company) in same table and with the below query..

"Select Distinct(Companyname) Company from DatabaseTable where Productname  = '"+Listbox1.selectedItem.text+"'";

ive got the output as you needed..

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Assuming that you have a table called database! with the structure of (Productname, Companyname)
Query to fetch Product names (on page load) is

Select Distinct Productname from database

When Selected Item changed on Listbox1 you need to run query bellow to fetch Company names and populate Listbox2:

Select Distinct Companyname from database where UPPER(Productname)  = UPPER(Listbox1.selectedItem)

You need to investigate what is Listbox1.selectedItem if you are getting some wired result.

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I have tried this already. I can retrieve Honda, but am not getting BMW. I need to display all the companies which are linked with particular product name. I hope you understood now. –  gkrishy Feb 13 at 10:43
What is the value of Listbox1.selectedItem ? –  Mohsen Heydari Feb 13 at 10:51
As i mentioned above, i used distinct for retrieve values into listbox1. So i will have car and bike only. Here if i choose car, then the listbox2 should retrieve the companynames(BMW and Honda) whose matches with selected product name. –  gkrishy Feb 13 at 10:55
try using UPPER function as i updated the answer, let me know the result –  Mohsen Heydari Feb 13 at 12:07
I have tried by using ur method but it's not working. Still am getting only the last values i.e Honda only displaying. –  gkrishy Feb 13 at 12:46

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