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Based on @JacobusR's answer how can I program a form in the controller that allows me to send it to the view as a Form type with all one-side table columns mapping and many-side table seq-mapping?

Something like this:

In the Controller

private val DirectorateAndItsServiceAreas: Form[???] = Form(
  "dirCode" -> nonEmptyText,
  "name" -> text,
  "serviceAreaRow" -> seq( /* don't have and don't want serviceAreasRow in Directorate table */
      "areaCode" -> nonEmptyText,
      "dirCode" -> nonEmptyText,
      "name" -> text


In the View

@(DirectorateAndItsServiceAreasForm: Form[Directorate/ServiceArea],... 
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Well have you tried this yet and why is this not working? –  Allen Nie Feb 24 '14 at 1:49

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