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Does Google offer an API to perform web search? From my research, I could understand that Google Custom Search API can be used to perform search within our website. But that's not what I need. I would like to search the internet and get results back. That is, the Google alternative for Bing Search API.

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Yes, Google Custom Search does what you want. It has multiple sub-products, including Site Search which is the one that is for your own site, but also CSE which is a general web search. It is primarily intended for searching subsets of the web, but has a feature where you can flexibly and dynamically define those subsets.

There is an API for "custom search":

The service is pretty good, but rather expensive at $5 / 1000 queries once you pass the 100 queries/day free tier.

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Google Custom Search cannot be configured to search the whole Internet. It's required to specify URL patterns in Search Control Panel (and pattern "*" is illegal). – Shrike Oct 21 '15 at 15:06

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