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I am using AjaxForm Plugin to make an ajax call with "AjaxSubmit". The ajax call echos an image into the page. After it's done I have to reload the jquery PrettyPhoto plugin.

By using "complete:" I can fire a function after the ajax call is done, the problem is that it doesn't wait for the images on the page to get fully loaded. So I delayed the complete with a setTimeout (which i don't think is a good solution).

But there must be a better way of doing this?? I've tried using ".done" but it doesn't seem like the AjaxForm Plugin supports it.

$(".preview-button").click(function() {
            target: '.imagestarget',
            url:       '/upload.php',
            complete: setTimeout(  function()  { 
                    opacity: 0.9,
                    deeplinking: false,
                    show_title: false
            }, 100)
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