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Does anybody know how to get all the indexes attached to a given label (or all the labels) in Neo4J 2.0 listed?

I've only found this:

But how do I do that through Cypher? Or at least REST API?


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Similar kind of problem earlier posted. You can refer:… – Sumeet Sharma Feb 13 '14 at 15:30
@SumeetSharma thanks! I posted the answer there as well... – deemeetree Feb 13 '14 at 18:29

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There is a :schema command in the browser and schema command in Neo4j shell.

In the Java Core API it is in db.schema().getIndexes(label)

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Found an answer to my own question inside the main.js file of this great Neo4J Node.Js module:

There is in fact a REST API endpoint, which provides all the indexes in the database:


Indexes on a specific label:


I only wonder if Neo4J is moving away from REST API towards Cypher - will they offer this functionality in there as well?

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