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I am using gem "bootstrap-sass", "~>", which means that I am using Bootstrap 2. The modal is documented here.

My own modal starts like this:

#Modal.modal.hide.fade{"aria-hidden" => "true", "aria-labelledby" => "jobsModalLabel", :role => "dialog", :tabindex => "-1"}

I open my modal like this:

$("#Modal").modal().css "margin-left": ->
        -($(@).width() / 2)

I would like to have it load faster, but I can't read from the documentation how to control the delay time. I have tried to remove the .fade class from my modal, but that speeds to loading up too much. So I need to keep the fade functionality, but just make it faster.

Not sure if this is a js or css problem. I suppose it can be solved both ways, but I don't know how.

When I overwrite my .fade class with the below, my fading does not speed up:

.fade {
   opacity: 0;
   -webkit-transition: opacity 0.01s linear;
      -moz-transition: opacity 0.01s linear;
       -ms-transition: opacity 0.01s linear;
        -o-transition: opacity 0.01s linear;
           transition: opacity 0.01s linear;

If I increased to e.g. 3.00s, it slows down though...

It seems like .fade has to do with the process of adding backdrop. I wish to speed up the process of the modal traveling from the top of the screen to its final position. This process happens after the backdrop is added.

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You can manipulate the .fade class as explained here: [… [1]:… – Warren Reilly Feb 13 '14 at 12:44
Thanks, but my problem has to do with the "second part" of the modal creation. Check out my updated question. – ChristofferJoergensen Feb 13 '14 at 13:00

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